Eccentric Rotary Control Valve


ZRP eccentric rotary valve ( CAM deflection control valve), consisted of the actuator and eccentric rotary valve, is a kind of angle trip control valve which composes with partly ball valve plate deflection, eccentric rod rotary to control building. Rotary center of valve disk not concentric with a rotary rod can reduce wear and prolong service life. Disk back set a contra-vane is an advantage for field stability flow and good stable. Secondly, large flow, adjustment scope wide and other features. It is used widely in petroleum, chemical, electric, metallurgy, steel, papermaking, medical, food, spinning, light industry, and other industry.

Standard Specification

Body type: Straight casing eccentric ball type valve
Spool type: Eccentric bow globe ball body
Nominal size: DN50 ~300 NPS 2〞~12〞
Nominal pressure: PN16 ~40 CLASS 150LB ~300LB
Connection: flange: FF, RF, RTJ, Wafer type and so on.
Bonnet type: Whole type
Packing: V type PTFE, Flexible graphite
Seal gasket: Metal+graphite
Actuator: Pneumatic : pneumatic piston actuator, pneumatic diagragm actuator
Electric: DTR series, 3810 series
Surface painting: Green color, acrylic acid polyurthene ceramic paint.

Model Establishment

Z Actuator R Structure type Nominal pressure Body material Nominal diameter
Z series control valve S: pneumatic piston
J: pneumatic diagragm
A: Electric DTR series
R: Electric 3810 series
R Rotary P:Standard full cavity rotary
PF: Soft seal eccentric Rotary
RP: reduced chapter eccentric rotary
150 LB
D= Special
DN50= DN50
Example: Pneumatic piston eccentric rotary control valve,pressure PN16, Body material WCB, Nominal diameter DN50, Model: ZSRP-16C DN50