Self-Operated Control Valve


ZZY type self-operated control valve doesn’t need extra power, but take controlled media energy as power supply。 It brings in the actuator to control valve disk position and change two ends of different pressure and flow to make valve upstream and backstream pressure stability. It has agility, good sealing, the pressure set point small fluctuations and other advantage and it is used widely in gas, liquid, and steam medium to reduce and stable pressure or relieve pressure self-control. This series of products have reduced pressure by backstream pressure control (B type) and relieves pressure by upstream pressure control (K type). Pressure phase control scape: 15~250 KPa. It can satisfy clients working condition requirements as per need assemble.


Body type : Straight casing ball type body
Disk type : Quick open disk
Nominal diameter : DN20—300 , NPS 3/4”—12”
Nominal pressure : PN16—64 Class 150LB—300LB
Connection : Flange , FF. RF. RTJ and so on
Bonnet type : Bolted bonnet
Packing: V type PTFE
Sealing gasket : Metal clip graphite
Actuator: Film slef type 、Piston self type
Surface painting : Green Acrylic polyurethane enamel


ZZY Structure type Nominal pressure Body material Mode of action Condensation Pressure control scope (KPa) Nominal diameter
Z series self-operation control valve P: Single-seat
M: Sleeve type
CL150LB=150 LB
D=Special material
Backstream pressure control
Upstream pressure control
No: without
C: with condensation
15~50 40~80
60~140 120~220
160~220 200~260
240~300 280~350
330~400 380~450
480~560 540~620
600~700 680~800
780~900 880~1000
950~1500 1000~2500
DN50= DN50
For example: Single self-operated control valve, Nominal pressure PN16, WCB material, without condensation, pressure scope: 120—220KPa. Size DN50, Model: ZZYP-16C-B-120~220-DN50